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We do all we can to help end the suffering of lost and/or abandoned pets in San Diego County.

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About Us

ARRF (Animal Rescue Resource Foundation) is an organization with years of combined experience in rescue, spay/neuter and support of people who are helping domestic pets find a better life. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to assist the rescue community, educate the public, and support low cost spay/neuter efforts.

ARRF supports a variety of efforts to protect and defend our furry friends and our goal is to provide connections and solutions for pets and the people that work with them. Our commitment is to find the need and fill it with our “grassroots” approach at getting pets, products and people supported.

We serve San Diego County.

We have an Adoption Application, contract, fee, and a process to find the very best match between a pet and its adopter. We interview all potential adopters to ensure the perfect match for all of our rescue animals. We want both you and our adoptable pets to be happy with the match.

We do not have a shelter location. All pets are in foster care.

Our Services


Each day Animal Rescue Resource Foundation (ARRF) provides care, compassion and adoption services to animals in need through our service programs.



We are dedicated to providing information regarding pet health and animal welfare topics including spay and neuter, dog training, animal adoption and rescue resources.



Your contribution means a great deal to us, but it means even more to the homeless animals that depend on ARRF for survival. Learn about the ways you can donate.



Please join us at our next Adoption Event! ARRF does not have a shelter; instead all of our adoptable pets are housed by volunteer foster homes in the San Diego County area.


Pets for Adoption

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Would you like to be a foster parent?

ARRF relies on a network of “foster parents” to provide short and long-term care for dogs and cats in their homes. By offering your time, love, and attention, you prepare your foster dog, puppy, cat, or kitten for adoption into a permanent, loving home!

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